Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Article in The Boston Globe

The class made today's Boston Globe. Be sure to take a look at the article here, featuring comments from our very own Rob Stott.


Alan Taylor said...

Very interesting sounding course you have here people! Blogged on my own site

Keep up the studies!

Ian said...

I read the article this morning, and let me just say that I am very jealous of the fact that this class is being conducted. I want to convince my communications department here at school (Colby-Sawyer College in New London, NH) to offer something similar.

Kaliqo said...

I wish this was offered when I was in school. There is obviously something to learn when a small wrestling territory becomes a global empire.

Spikey Em said...

Hey guys, thanks for letting me stop by your class!

Hope you enjoyed the article...I had a lot of fun writing it.


Emily "Spikey Em" Sweeney