Monday, December 1, 2014

Extra Credit

The Rock is one of my favorite characters in Pro Wrestling, which Foley discusses in "Foley is Good." The Rock was one of the few characters that I knew before I took the class. He, being an actor, is one of the most famous. In all of the wrestling matches that we've seen the Rock partake in he had the same personality. He is humorous, charismatic and strong. It's no wonder that the fans adored him. I'm confused as to why the Rock was ever a heel. He was obviously born to be a face. The Rock n' Sock wrestling matches really don't surprise me with how popular they were. Both characters are ones that could be loved or, really, hated and so all of the fans could pick a side. That's what the fans want is to be able to pick a side and cheer for that wrestler.

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