Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Video 1 - Summerlyn vs Summers

One of my videos is about the Rachel Summerlyn match with Scot Summers. I chose this for a few reasons. First, it demonstrates that there is life after the WWE world takeover. Rachel is part of the apparently thriving, yet independent ACW ( which is based out of Austin, TX—at least they have bookings through the end of the year. 

Secondly, as we all know the heavy sexism involved in professional wrestling, this clip shows how the female stereotype, where women cannot wrestle men, and it is a man's wrestling world, is broken. This changes the stigma of women’s professional wrestling. I parallel this to the Chyna matches of the WWF in 1999 and 2000, where she kicked butt when wrestling the mem. 

This match is a battle of the sexes which starts of slow, stare downs with no physical contact, but builds to a bloody crescendo at the finish. When viewing the match, I notice really a subpar performance of the wrestlers, compared to the WWE wrestlers, which explains why they are in an “Indy” type environment and have not gone over to the WWE. 

Thirdly, what I find really fascinating is the performance given by the announcers. They more than anything are really at the cutting edge, shocking in fact. They verbally heighten the stereotyped sexual aspects and use several of the seven dirty words that you cannot say on TV, including the "F bomb," and this match was televised. These come at the opening of the clip, and about 8:00 in the clip, and around 9:00, 12:16 and 14:23.

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