Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Video 2 - Vince's return

The second video I selected is the return of Vince McMahon to WWF television in 2000 during the Raw is War event. I chose this because it is in the Attitude Era of WWF, and it clearly shows part of the dysfunctional family storyline of McMahon (in terms of what led up to this) and the in-ring persona of Mr. McMahon.

The preceding history of the return is that McMahon and Triple H were in a deep feud, which reached its zenith when Triple H married Stephanie McMahon as part of the storyline. McMahon then faced off Triple H at Armageddon in 1999. McMahon lost, and Stephanie turned on her dad, siding with her husband. McMahon then left and disappeared from WWF TV, as he could not manage the marriage of Triple H and Stephanie, according to the storyline.

This video culminates the behind the storyline return of McMahon and the performance of McMahon as he returns to TV during the Attitude Era of the WWF. I think it is important as to the era of wrestling then, and shows the Mr. McMahon character, dysfunctional family scenes, as well as the thinking of the WWF writers then as to the stunts during McMahon's grand entrance to being back on TV, and the fans sensational reaction when he deals with Shane (his son) who was the ref. It also reflects how far storylines have come as an important part of wrestling, compared to the golden age of wrestling. It's payback at its best.     Starts at 2:56

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