Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Video 2 from Marshall

The second video I'm posting is about a new character that the WWE introduced as a Racist Tea Party member. Zeb Coulter and Jack Swagger state what they think is wrong with  America. They say that having so many foreigners and other races, other than white, is what is causing the decline of the society in America. Zeb says that he doesn't even recognize America because he looks around and says that all he sees are people with faces different than his and that he can't understand what they're saying because they speak different languages. He also asks the question of how we get rid of these people. While this kind of statement angered lots of people and seemed to cause quite a controversy, all the WWE had to  say about it was that they have a long history of having protagonist and antagonist and that these characters were no different. AND the WWE is right. They have always had these type of characters, some that showed even more racism than these two. Does that make it okay or acceptable? No! But as I learn more of the culture of pro wrestling, I am more understanding of it...  

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