Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Video 1 from Marshall

As we all know, Professional Wrestling isn't known for being politically correct. I think that part of their popularity comes from the fact that they aren't worried about being politically correct. It's an interesting phenomenon. My first video is about the homophobia that is displayed within Pro Wrestling. While pro wrestlers are performing very gay actions, they make very homophobic remarks. The video I've posted is literally called "Gay Off." While I don't really take offense to it, a lot of the things they say on the show are very derogatory. As discussed in class, a lot of this is to make sure their fans that they know they aren't gay. I find it interesting that in the video the fans are chanting "You are gay!" It's obviously the reaction that the wrestlers were wanting. I saw that there were some fans that were pushing for a gay character within pro wrestling, other than GoldDust. I don't necessarily see the need for that. The WWE might not benefit from that at all.

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