Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Video 3 from Marshall

The next story line that I am covering is one that includes Vince McMahon. In this video he kisses Trish Stratus in front of his wife, Linda. Vince throws it right into Linda's face to humiliate her. The aggression that Vince shows toward the "affair" is a bit much. This video shines light on affairs and cheating in an odd way. It almost acts like it's okay for a husband to humiliate and cheat on his wife because he's the one in control and has the power. Vince shows this power by bringing Linda on stage and kissing Trish. The announcers call it sickening and uncomfortable, but you can tell that the crowd is crudely enjoying it. The whole scene bothers me because cheating can tear apart families and ruin lives.

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