Monday, December 1, 2014

Foley and the PTC

As Foley points out, Ganz's Indiana University study on the WWF does seem quite harsh, and I wish that the methodology had been discussed more thoroughly in the original study.  Consequently, I am glad that Mick had the opportunity to shine a light on the more exact criterion that was used to define drug use, sex simulation, violence, etc. in the study.  In the epilogue of Foley is Good, Mick continues by criticizing the PTC (Parents' Television Council). He makes very solid arguments why the PTC should have attacked some other, more sexual, violent, and risqu√© show, but I think Mick really gets to the heart of the matter on page 510 of Foley is Good.
"Why not target Ally McBeal or Buffy the Vampire Slayer or the Drew Carey Show or Will and Grace?  I mean, they all made the PTC's top-ten list of 'worst shows,' despite the fact that they are all critically acclaimed.  Maybe because if those shows were targeted, the PTC would suffer a media backlash.  But what television critic in their right mind is going to come to the defense of Smackdown!, a lowly wrestling show?  Answer— none."
While other shows may provide more extreme ammunition to the PTC's argument against television, they chose to target the WWF to save themselves.  Wrestling does provide quite the example, though.  Instead of only exemplifying one filthy aspect of television, it wraps up the (alleged) sex, drugs, and violence into a perfectly presented example of crudeness (in the eyes of the PTC).  Thankfully, the ploys of the PTC failed to annihilate wrestling, and we can still enjoy its vile trashiness.

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